We are a small family run roofing business based in Sheffield serving the following districts

• Sheffield
• Chesterfield
• Baslow
• Bakewell
• Castleton
• Hope valley and surrounding areas

We have thirty years experience in the roofing sector and specialised in historic buildings and specialist slating projects.

We have built a strong reputation in the roofing industry in reliability at a reasonable cost. All roofing work is carried out by our team of fully trained roofers.

We have ongoing continual professional development training and a programme of roofing apprenticeships in order that the company can maintain its resolve.

Ecclesall roofing contractors can provide both reactive support for emergency repairs to every type of roof and long term reroof solutions. Dependant on specification all roof repairs and new roof installations carry guarantees ranging from one to twenty years. 

If required, all roofing quotes can be backed up with photographic evidence, and we believe we are the only roofing contractor to carry out this service. Our entire workforce undergoes a strict training package to provide you with peace of mind and reliability.

The following work comes under the Ecclesall umbrella.

Slate and tiled roof renewals and repairs
Wooden gutters Upvc Gutters Upvc Facia and soffit boards
Chimney stacks removed repaired or rebuilt
Lead flashings and lead burning
Box gutters and gutters cleaned and maintained
Homebuyers roof surveys
Felt roof repairs and renewals
Fiberglass roofing
Firestone rubber roofing
Your roofing project
Once you are happy with your quotation and we have agreed payment terms, we can start work on your roof. This page contains information about what we will do to manage the project through to completion, plus a few pointers that will help you

Dates For Work

We will agree dates with you and stick to them as far as we possibly can. The main uncertainty is the weather. Naturally you will not want your roof stripped off during heavy rain or high winds. Our prime concern is the health and safety of yourself and our team. If bad weather delays work, we will talk to you and agree revised dates as soon as possible.

Please be assured that, once we start work, your roof will be protected at all times. If we have stripped the roof covering but not finished the replacement, we will put fully weather-proof tarpaulins and other measures in place to prevent any leakage. In a worst case scenario, such as a severe storm, we provide a 24-hour emergency call out service. ]We can generally give a start date within a few weeks. Home owners, landlords and small businesses are our main customers, so we will not have to ‘fit you in’ around other projects. We can do emergency remedial work very quickly if this is needed.


Ecclesall Roofing carries full public liability insurance for your protection. Copies of our policies are available for inspection on request. We would strongly advise you, however, to contact your house insurance provider before the work starts. Some insurers require you to inform them before any work is done. This is normally a routine matter, but insurance companies like to be informed of any changes to your property

Our Team

Work will be carried out by our team of trained roofers. All are fully insured and have specialist training. Our team are a professional and friendly bunch, who will turn up on time and get on with the work, with minimum disturbance to you or your neighbours.

If you have any concerns at all during the work you can talk to our team. Or call Paul who will deal with you personally.

Job Completion

When the job is finished we will take down the scaffolding, remove all refuse from the site and leave your property in a neat and tidy condition.


All of our workmanship carries a guarantee from one year to twenty years dependant on the type of work we carry out.

A guide to planning and building regulation approval for the more complex Jobs
IMG_0371Planning permission is not normally needed for roofing projects, unless you are in a conservation area or the property is a listed building. Building regulations are now mandatory for re-roofing work.Forms can be obtained from your local authority or we can deal with that for you. The building regulation department will make sure that whilst your roofing project is underway that the current insulation is upgraded to comply with the latest regulations.

The roof can be insulated in a number of ways e.g. rockwool, rigid insulation such as celetex or kingspan. It is important to remember that if you do not get building regulation approval whilst your project is underway the local authority can serve you with a notice of unauthorised work.

There are a lot of different ways to replace your roof; this page is going to touch on the more popular choices for this part of the world. Lots of factors will come into the equation – cost, appearance, weight etc but the most important thing is what the local council will allow. It doesn’t matter what you can afford or what you would like – if your house is a Listed Building or in an article 4 direction area – then the choice is pretty much out of your hands and you will have to deal with your local planning office and be dictated to by them.

This is not always a bad thing as it’s good to keep properties looking as traditional as possible but it does grate a bit when you are told you must have an expensive wet laid roof, despite the fact that all your neighbours have continental or cement fibre slate, just because their roof was replaced before the article 4 direction was introduced to the area.

In all instances the property owner should contact their local authority and ascertain exactly what they should do. As an extra service Ecclesall roofing can apply for planning applications, fill out building regulations forms, draw and submit scale drawings etc all on your behalf, but ultimately the responsibility to have the correct roof will always lie with the property owner.

The following are guidelines only, there are no ‘black and white’ rules to follow with planning, each case is judged on its own merits, but the following is a general guideline.

If a property is listed

If a property is listed it is likely that the property will need a listed building consent to replace the roof with any material other than that which is on the roof at the time it was listed. Even if you replace ‘like for like’ you will have to speak to the local authority about what you intend to do.

If a roof is scantle and listed sometimes the LA will allow it to be re-roofed in wet laid 12″ x 8″ continental slates – (for some reason roofers still deal in feet and inches) – 300mm x 200mm to every one else. The most popular continental slates approved by the local authority are Spanish slates, known as ‘Westland’ or ‘Camborne’ slates. (Bear in mind that the LA are not interested in the substance or quality of the slate – merely the appearance).

Some other slates that they will allow are Chinese or Brazilian slates. The reason that these particular continental slates are popular is because their small size and colour is similar (ish!) to the traditional Cornish slate.

If a property is not listed but is in an article 4 direction area

If a property is not listed but is in an article 4 direction area – This withdraws the properties permitted development rights. Usually article 4 directions are aimed at properties in conservation areas, but this is not always the case. Minimum requirement would usually be 12″ x 8″ (300mm x 200mm) nailed slate – Brazilian, Chinese or Spanish. Colour needs to be green/grey or grey, but a sample would need to be given to the planning office as each area can have specific demands, and a full planning application would have to be made – with scale drawings and building regulations.

Currently for a new roof in an article 4 direction area the planning application is free (with some exceptions) but there is a charge for building regulations which has been set at approximately £100.00.

If a property is not listed but in a conservation area but not with an article 4 direction

If a property is not listed but in a conservation area but not with an article 4 direction (gets confusing doesn’t it?) – Then the LA would prefer you to use traditional roofing materials, so you could use any of the above or 16″ x 8″ (400 x 200) continental slate, nailed or hooked, but by definition if they are saying they would prefer you to use something then it means you can use something else. The LA would advise that you obtain a certificate of lawfulness (which basically states that you do not need planning permission for what you want to do), which is half the cost of a planning application (which is free anyway for a new roof!). You will also need to apply for building regulations.

If the property is not listed and not in a conservation area

If the property is not listed and not in a conservation area – the world – in the immortal words of Del-Boy Trotter – is your lobster. You can do what you want – any of the above or 20″ x 10″ (500 x 250) continental slates or 24″ x 12″ (600 x 300) cement fibre (synthetic man made) slates, or even tiles. The only restriction you will have then is the weight of the replacement covering – you would need a structural survey if for instance you were replacing slates with tiles. The LA recommends that you apply for a certificate of lawfulness and building regulations have to be applied for.

With a proven track record of successful projects, you can be assured that we will give you the quality roofing installation service you desire and trust.

We offer the complete roofing service; from major re-roofing projects to minor domestic roof repairs. We use materials of only the highest quality, and  we pride ourselves on the quality of our roofing services. So, whatever your roofing requirements, look no further than the experts here at Ecclesall Roofing.

Cladding, fascias & soffits

We specialise in designing and supplying high quality, stylish and attractive cladding, fascias and soffits for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Designed to provide your property with an attractive appearance while improving weather and wear and tear protection, our cladding, fascias and soffit options are cost effective and reliable.

We offer a variety of different cladding options, each manufactured to the highest quality.

Our cladding products provide an effective and attractive way of protecting your domestic or commercial property from weathering and general wear and tear.

Available in a variety of styles, our fascias are designed to protect your home or commercial property from rain or damp. Properly maintained and looked after, your new fascia will provide you with decades of effective weather protection.

Soffits are a vital link between the fascias and the roofline. Our soffits are made from the finest materials and effectively allow important airflow and ventilation into your loft space.

Emergency repairs

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your property, and we understand the financial and physical stress that sudden damage to your roof failure can cause

If you notice that your roof is damaged or showing signs of water ingress, simply give us a call and we will immediately despatch one of our experienced and highly skilled roofers to your property. We can carry out roof repairs and remedial work to your property. Loose tiles are a potential hazard which need to be attended to immediately and a leaking roof if not attended to can cause damp problems, and increase the damage to your property. We can also attend to any lead work that may need to be repaired.
Once at your property, we will survey the roof and offer honest and impartial advice before providing a very competitive quote. If you give the go-ahead, we will then carry out any necessary repairs or replacements. We carry a verity of spare parts so the repair should be quick and simple


Guttering is one of the most important aspects of your property, helping protect your property from water damage and flooding.

Our guttering is made from the highest quality uPVC and is designed to provide your home with protection from general wear and tear, flooding and the water damage that comes from that.

While improving the look and feel of your property, our uPVC guttering also saves you from having to spend vital funds on replacements, guttering repairs and flood damage repairs.

Designed to perfectly complement your property’s existing features, our ranges of guttering is ideal for domestic and commercial properties and a great way of brightening up any home, office or shop front.

Our high quality guttering features a mesh system to keep debris and leaves out and provides a simple yet effective way of preventing rainwater from overflowing onto your property.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, our guttering is installed to the highest possible standard by our highly skilled and experienced team and is incredibly easy to clean.


A lot of heat can be lost through poorly constructed roofs or inadequately built loft spaces. We can help to cut down your energy bills by fitting high quality and cost effective insulation.

It doesn’t even matter what type of roof you have; whether it is a flat roof, pitched roof or warm roof, we will be able to provide effective roofing insulation, no matter how challenging the requirements.

We only use the finest materials and equipment on all our insulation’s projects. There are a number of benefits to having roofing insulation installed at your home or business;

  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Incredibly efficient and effective insulation over rafters
  • Reduced energy and heating bills
  • More comfortable home and work environment
  • Compatible with a number of roof types
  • Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects

Roofing insulation is a great way of improving the environment in your property and saving yourself some money.


Your roof has to put up with a lot of punishment from the British weather which over time can damage roofing materials, no matter how strong or reliable.

We can provide a full roof maintenance service designed to identify problems at the earliest stage and professionally remedy them before they turn into a serious issue.

We provide a complete maintenance and care service, ranging from a simple one off maintenance check to look for any potential problems to periodic maintenance contracts.

Damage and general wear and tear can easily lead to expensive rotting roof timbers so our checks and surveys include every element of the roof including the flashings, guttering that can easily clog up with leaves and moss, evidence of damp patches or leaks within the attic.

Our maintenance programmes are entirely tailored towards your requirements. We will visit your property at your convenience and as frequently as you feel necessary depending on your needs. Having regular roof maintenance will prevent the need for more costly repairs in the future. During the maintenance process, we can quickly and easily replace loose slates and worn felt, assess and repair chimney stacks and clear potential guttering blockages before they become a problem.


We provide a comprehensive re-roofing service to replace your existing roof and install an attractive, reliable and effective new one for you.

Our re-roofing service is all about giving you the very best roof and one that will last you for many years to come. We appreciate how expensive repairs can be so we always endeavour to provide you with roofs of the highest quality.

As roofing experts, we have the expertise and knowledge to re-roof any type or material; from slate roofing to flat roofs, tiled roofs and felt, we have got it covered.

As part of our comprehensive re-roofing service, we will also look at finding ways to improve the insulation or weatherproofing of your roof. We will safely remove your existing roof and ensure that your existing roof materials are disposed of in the correct way.

Everything we do comes expertly fitted with a full excellent roofing guarantee, designed to give you absolute peace of mind.

Repairs and maintenance

We appreciate that any roofing can develop faults or suffer damage over time. A damaged roof can pose a serious threat to the safety of your home or commercial property, but with regular maintenance you can ensure that your roof doesn’t need repairing. Our repairs and maintenance services are designed to repair these faults or even prevent them from happening in the first place.

As experienced and professional roofers, we have worked on every type of roofing system imaginable, which gives us the expertise to provide repairs and maintenance services on any type of roofing including flat roofing, felt, lead roofs and slate roofs. So if you spot a problem with your roof, whether we installed it or not, give us a call immediately.

We also provide regular maintenance programmes across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. With our maintenance programmes  we can visit your property once a month, once every couple of months or just once a year, as are tailored to suit individual client requirements.


As part of our comprehensive roofing installation service, we also look at incorporating rooflights to add extra lighting to your property.

We appreciate that every client requirement is different, so we utilise our vast experience and knowledge to design and create rooflights that perfectly complement the property’s existing features.

Using the latest materials and toughened glass, our experienced roofers will fit your new rooflight into your existing or new roof.

Our rooflights offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Up to 82.4% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays blocked
  • Improves the level of comfort in loft and attic spaces
  • Attractive and effective
  • Stylish designs